Who We Are

emeffen. is a black, millennial, woman-owned brand that’s mission is to disrupt and dismantle the Criminal Justice Systems of Oppression (CJ-SOO) by creating proactive products and services that help put an end to mass incarceration.

As a social enterprise, we lead the way in disrupting by providing proactive, quality options for the Disproportionately Affected, Marginalized Minority (D.A.M.M.) community and investing 10% of our product profits into start-ups, organizations, funds and grants that support and execute proactive initiatives that disrupt systems that oppress the 'Least of Us'.

Disrupt The CJ-SOO: The Easy Way to Learn Your Rights!

Join the emeffen. proactive movement! You have the power to proactively protect the one's you love by giving them this book! Go from talking about disrupting a system of oppression to actually doing it! With this purchase, you are ACTIVELY disrupting with your dollars because in addition to the proactive services emeffen. provides, we also re-invest 10% of our product profits into funds, grants, start-ups and organizations that are proactively disrupting systems that oppress the 'Least of Us'. In the emeffen. Universe's primary language, AAVE/AAE, "We world change makers over here!"

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